Electronic Reverse Auction


It Lowers your
ordering cost

It increases your
buying power

It reduces your order
processing time

It helps you to benefit
from price elasticity

It helps you to assess
all suppliers equally

We live in an era surrounded by information & technology. Information that is shared over cups of coffee which earlier took ages to propagate is now available within a few clicks of a button. But even with such an advent flow of information, people across businesses struggle with their constrained resources to make the best out of this information overload which can so easily lead them to decision fatigue.

Thus the question to be asked here is, can this information be put to use by businesses. With an over flow of information and geographically fragmented supply base, traditional F2F procurement processes i.e. face to face negotiations are becoming tedious and redundant as they often take more time and involves more resources

eQuiera helps its users to cut across this barrier by offering its Electronic Reverse Auction service to make industrial procurement in real time with lesser resources and no extra setup either manual or technical. We work with you as your outside procurement team who guides you and takes your advice when it comes to making an equipment online eprocurement.


We help you in
reseacrh and
analysis of the
product's technical
& commercial
requirement for the
preparation of RFQ

We select supplier
based on your
preference and
further add to it
from our research
pool for supplier
base optimisation

We Conduct a
pre qualification
technical &
Commercial bid
with all the selected
supplier to list out
each's suitability

Finally we do the
price negotiation
using our
Reverse Auction on
your behalf with the
selected suppliers

We then ensure the
safe and secure
supply of your
equipment via our
channel logistic
partners for timely
on site delivery


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*NOTE: The decision of selecting the choice of supplier is entirely of the members and Equipage Advisor by no means will influence the member's decision. We see ourselves only as facilitators and not influencers.