Equipment Advice

Our product range and advice over the equipment is independent of any specific original equipment manufacturer. At eQuiera, we work with only one motive i.e. to our help customers get the best material handling solution at best possible rate.

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Dock leveller is a fixed bridge constructed at the loading bay to allow the flow of materials in and out of the place.

Dock leveler

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Forklift Truck is an essential Industrial equipment for lifting and shifting heavy loads both indoor or outdoor.

Forklift Truck


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Pallet truck is the most basic type of material handling equipment used for horizontal movement of material.

Pallet Truck

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Platform trucks are used to shift materials over longer distances within the plant.

Platform Truck

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Reach truck works on the same principle as a forklift truck, however it is usually more compact than a forklift tuck.

Reach Truck

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Stacker is used for both horizontal and vertical movement of materials on a pallet.


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Tow truck is used to tow heavy wagons or vehicles. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Tow Truck